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The 4 Step Interior Design Process

Our full-service interior design process does not lend itself to providing individual furnishings or products. Investing in our Full Service Interior Design process involves a flat design fee in conjunction with a materials and furnishings budget.


“Listening to your needs”

You’re unique, your space should reflect that. We’ll meet with you to understand your goals, likes, and dislikes, budget and project scope.

This initial meeting typically takes 1‐2 hours and normally takes place in the space where you want a new design. This gives us the opportunity to get immersed in the space and connect with you, ultimately leading to a better, more personalized project experience for you. After taking the time to understand what you’re looking for, we’ll put together a proposal for you that will detail the project, timeline and costs.


“Your space takes shape”

Important information such as measurements, pictures and client surveys will be taken to determine the overall goals & objectives. After the data is collected, our designers put together initial ideas, sketches, and conceptual drawings for a first look. We then collaborate with you to make any changes, prioritize goals and start finalizing the design.


“Refining and Finalizing”

Your design is finalized with detailed layout documents, 3D renderings, specification lists, project binder and pricing. During this process many clients are able to see how their space looks with our advanced rendering capabilities, making it easy to view design elements, materials, & layouts before it is even built. View our project gallery of some great Before & Afters.


“Building your dream”

Contractors, purchasing, project management, and installation can be overwhelming for residential and commercial projects. Let us handle the details.

Whether you have your own contractor or you would like to work with one we recommend, it is important to collaborate together. This can be a stressful time, but we work with the contracting team to minimize as much headache as possible.

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